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Myrna Harrison & Team Harrison of Keller Williams Realty are proud to offer professional real estate services to California Coast Credit Union members through the advantage program called Member Advantage Real Estate Services (MARES). Through this program we have established a WIN-WIN relationship so that everyone involved benefits! Whether you're buying or selling your home, Team Harrison provides service exceeding expectations and can save you thousands of dollars through MARES.

How it works- Simply visit any California Coast Credit Union Branch. Ask a credit union employee about Member Real Advantage Estate Services - MARES. The employee will complete a MARES form. Once completed your California Coast Credit Union representative will take it from there. Team Harrison will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your form. (Also while you are at the Credit Union, inquire about a pre-approval loan amount if you are purchasing a home).

Or, call Team Harrison directly at 619-462-9626 . You may also click here or Email us at

*Savings Examples:

When purchasing or selling, here's what team Harrison offers: a REBATE of 7% of the Brokers commission.  Examples at various purchase points:

 Sales or Purchase Price


 $225,000  $473
 $250,000  $525
 $325,000  $683
 $350,000  $735 
 $425,000  $893
 $450,000  $945
 $525,000  $1,103
 $550,000  $1,155
 $625,000  $1,313

At the close of escrow you will receive your REBATE. It’s great to get a rebate check because you can spend it how YOU want.

So if Team Harrison sold your home valued at $350,000 you would receive a rebate of $735. Then if you also purchased a home represented by Team Harrison and the home was valued at $525,000 you would receive a rebate of $1,103 for a total of $1,838! So you see, your California Coast Credit Union Membership has its advantages!

To take advantage of this special program, you need to call Myrna Harrison of Keller Williams Realty before beginning the buying or selling process. 

These calculations are based on a 3% Broker's commission.  The rebate will be less when the Broker's commission is less than 3%.

In addition to these great savings, Team Harrison also offers:

~Service exceeding expectations

~A comprehensive Sellers Guide

~A comprehensive Buyers Guide

~15% savings (or more) on escrow services 

~15% savings (or more) on title services

~Home Warranty Savings certificate 

~Preferred rate for All City Home Inspection Service

Enrollment in our client appreciation program

· Single Family Residences
· Condominiums
· 2 – 4 Units
· Investment Properties
· Relocations
· Exchanges
· Vacant Land 

Click here to begin your home selling or home buying process today. Or call us and ask about Member Advantage Real Estate Services - 619-462-9626.

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 Talk with a Real Estate Consultant Today:To find out more about the Members Advantage Real Estate Services rebate program please contact:  Myrna Harrison at 619-462-9626.

*Some restriction apply.  Not all Keller Williams Realty agents participate in this program. Although Myrna Harrison of Keller Williams Realty has coordinated with California Coast 's Member Advantage Real Estate Services to make this special program possible, California Coast Credit Union does not endorse any Real Estate services or products offered by Myrna Harrison of Keller Williams Realty.